PAI’s vision is to create a decentralized world.

No need to invest any longer in an army of blockchain developers or expensive infrastructures. Our platform offers a world of smart blockchain AI to be shared with everyone, so anyone can create, sell, design, rent, upgrade or buy applications or pieces of code (business and developers).

Why PAI?


It’s so easy to use, that even bots can operate our system.


Our bots are so intelligent that they can develop & maintain applications for you by themselves.


Bots are way cheaper than humans because their processes are automated (both development & maintenance)

The PAI Model

Meet Some of the bots from our Bot Squad





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Tamir Fridman | CEO & Co-founder

Tamir is the CEO & mastermind behind PAI. He's a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years experience in development, programming, and AI.

Guy Danon | Chief Business Officer

Guy Danon is CBO at PAI. An expert in Digital Transformation, Guy has international experience across over 30 countries in both Fortune 500 multinationals and start-ups, global consulting and governmental agencies.

Ron Fridman | CTO & Co-founder

Ron Fridman is PAI's CTO. A coding expert, Ron has several years' experience as a developer and entrepreneur.

Yehudit Sophayov | VP R&D

Yehudit Sophayov is PAI's VP R&D. She is an expert in her field and has over 8 years of experience in development, with 4 of those leading R&D for a number of startups

Eran Caballero | Head of IT

Meet Eran Caballero, Head of IT at PAI. Eran has previously spent time as CEO of his own business venture and has been in the field of IT for over 5 years. He also has extensive knowledge in computers, electronics and hardware.

Bianca B.A | Head of Marketing

Meet Bianca Belman-Adams, PAI's marketing lead. Bianca specialises in branding, marketing and project management, but she could probably sell you just about anything.

The Floor | Co-founder

The Floor is a global Fintech innovation center. They do digital banking, big data analytics, cyber security and are blockchain experts. In fact, what don't they do?

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